What Is Your Favorite Post-Workout Meal?

We all know it’s best to have a healthy snack after working out. Studies have shown that eating a small meal of protein and healthy carbs helps increase the benefits of your workout and speeds up the fat loss process.

So what’s your favorite post workout meal?

Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite healthy after-workout snack.


  1. Intelilgence and simplicity – easy to understand how you think.

  2. Marie-Claire says:

    I am à baby boomer and would like to do the boot camp in March, but being older, it’s a little intimidating…

    Would like to find other female boomers to do the boot camp with. Sounds like fun.
    Hope to hear from someone. Thanks


  3. Marie-Claire says:

    My email: mcpl@hotmail.ca



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